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Transport Fever 2 – Industry Restored – Livestock and Slag

Industry Restored – Livestock and Slag for Transport Fever 2.

For a more complex experience, check out my other industry mod, Industry Expanded!

Industry Restored re-introduces two cargotypes that were present in TpF1 – Livestock and Slag.

Additionally, there are some new industries such as the Livestock Farm, Meat Processing Plant, Advanced Steel Mill, and Advanced Construction Material Factory to replicate how industries operated in TpF1.

This mod was created under 3 core concepts; Compatibility, Playability and Complexity

Changed certain cargo vehicles (**including those added by other mods!!) to automatically support the new cargo types where it makes sense such as boxcars, gondolas, dump trucks, planes, etc. This is done without overwriting ANY existing assets, so it is nearly 100% compatible with any other industry or cargo demand mod!

This mod seamlessly integrates with the experience of the base game, and all new industrial buildings will spawn on map generation. I have ensured this is balanced according to how gameplay was in the first game. After extensive testing and iteration, I’ve come up with these new industries that make for some exciting new gameplay opportunities.

The third goal was to bring back a bit of the complexity that was in TpF1’s industry chain. Other players have pointed out things that don’t make much sense such as Tools requiring Wood Planks, so this also aims to remedy some of these issues without changing the core game.

For example, the vanilla Tools Factory still requires Wood Planks, but there is a new Advanced Tools Factory that requires Steel. Since Steel is a more complex cargotype, the player is rewarded with double the output of Tools if the requirements are met for the Advanced Tools Factory.

This is all balanced appropriately, as you can easily sacrifice playability with too much complexity.

New Commodity Industries:

Livestock Farm:
Produces 1 Livestock

Meat Processing Plant:
Requires 1 Livestock, Produces 1 Food

Advanced Steel Mill:
Requires 2 Iron Ore and 2 Coal, Produces 1 Steel and 1 Slag

Advanced Construction Materials Plant:
Requires 1 Slag, Produces 2 Construction Materials

New TpF1-Style Industries:

Advanced Chemical Plant:
Requires 2 Grain, Produces 1 Plastic

Advanced Tools Factory:
Requires 1 Steel, Produces 2 Tools

Basic Goods Factory:
Requires 1 Wood Planks and 1 Plastic, Produces 1 Goods

Enjoy, and happy holidays!

Credits: Col0Korn

Download Transport Fever 2 – Industry Restored – Livestock and Slag - Download Link #1


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