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Transport Fever 2 – Industry Production Levels v1.1.0

Industry Production Levels v1.1.0 for Transport Fever 2.

Patches all industries to have multiple production levels to allow them to auto-upgrade up or down as needed to match supply and demand. Default setting allows for 7 production levels where each level is double the previous level: 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400
Both the number of levels (7) and the base production value (100) can be modified if desired, and separate configuration is available for each class of industry: Producing (e.g. Coal Mine), Transforming (e.g. Steel Mill), Consuming (e.g. Power Plant).

If loaded into an existing savegame the industry parameters will only display correctly once an upgrade (automatic or manual) has happened. You can let it happen automatically according to demand, or if desired, you can use Bulk upgrader for stations/industries by xmnovotny to force an upgrade on all industries.

Note: to get around some game-crashing quirks due to hardcoded values I have had to included a patched version of industryutil.lua which is not ideal (would conflict with any other mods that also replace that file, and could break if/when a new official patch changes the file until I merge the changes) but I cannot see any way around it. If someone has suggestions how to avoid this let me know.

Credits: SoftwareSimian

Download Transport Fever 2 – Industry Production Levels v1.1.0 - Download Link #1


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