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Transport Fever 2 – Industry Expanded Add-On & Mail and Waste

Industry Expanded Add-On – Mail and Waste for Transport Fever 2.

Introduces Mail and Waste cargo chains (3 new cargo types and 2 new industries) to make for a more complex, yet balanced experience.

New Cargo Types:

1. Mail
2. Unsorted Mail
3. Waste

Unsorted Mail is now produced from commercial buildings in towns and cities when their cargo needs are met, as well as from residential buildings that recieve Mail which has been sorted at the new Mail Sorting Center.

Waste is now created from industrial buildings when their cargo needs are met, and this can be transported to the new Waste Management Facility to be recycled into Steel, which is now used in many industry chains, thanks to Industry Expanded!

If you’ve already started your map and would like to add this, then have no fear! There is a new, balanced system for creating new industries that is appropriately expensive, but it will give you another reason to use your hard-earned transport money!

Appropriate cargo vehicles support the new cargo types. This mod does not overwrite any vanilla assets, so it is 100% compatible with most other industry or cargo demand mods!

This mod was created under 3 core concepts; Compatibility, Playability and Complexity

Changed certain cargo vehicles (**including those added by other mods!!) to automatically support the new cargo types where it makes sense such as boxcars, gondolas, dump trucks, planes, etc. This is done without overwriting ANY existing assets, so it is nearly 100% compatible with any other industry or cargo demand mod!

This mod seamlessly integrates with the experience of the base game, and all new industrial buildings will spawn on map generation in addition to the vanilla industry chains. I have ensured this mod is reasonably balanced despite its complexity. I feel that these new industries that make for some exciting new gameplay opportunities.

The third goal was to completely overhaul the complexity of most industries in the game. This is an Add-On to my other industry mod, Industry Expanded. You are more than welcome to use this in addition to that mod, in fact, I would encourage it for a more complex and satisfying experience!

This is all balanced appropriately, as you can easily sacrifice playability with too much complexity.

New Commodity Industries:

Mail Sorting Center:
Requires 1 Unsorted Mail = Produces 1 Mail

Waste Management Facility:
Requires 2 Waste = Produces 1 Steel

I hope you enjoy this mod – it’s taken me many hours of concepting, playtesting, and tweaking to attempt find a good balance between these new industries. I’m deciding to release it as I’ve been having alot of fun with it so far, but I always welcome any feedback in the comments!

And finally, a big thank-you goes out to Yeol for allowing me to adopt a few of these elements from his mod – Yeol’s Senseless Industries.

While Industry Expanded and Add-Ons like this are aimed at players who want to expand the classic and familiar TpF gameplay, Yeol’s industry mod does some very inventive things with the game. Unfortunately, our mods aren’t compatible with each other, as they cater to two very different play styles. In any case, I would recommend checking out his mod as while it may not be for everyone, there are sure to be a few people who will probably really enjoy his unique spin on the TpF formula.

Credits: Col0Korn

Download Transport Fever 2 – Industry Expanded Add-On & Mail and Waste - Download Link #1


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