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Transport Fever 2 – Individual Multi Compartment Wagon Pack

Individual Multi Compartment Wagon Pack for Transport Fever 2.

This format evens out Item capacities.

This mod has been Updated to carry Mail and Cars. You do not need these mods to load.
Each item still has it’s own capacity although it shows just a Total Capacity when Purchasing not Compartments.
/ 150 = capacity for every item multiplied X how many Items = (Total Capacity).
Each Cargo and Passenger Item has an individual capacity of 150

Eight new Wagons added.
Three new wagons are Universal Cargo/Passenger Wagons.Each having an extra compartment for Passengers.
These wagons will pick up cargo but will not show it.They only show Passengers.
Works well with some cargo capacity multiplier mods, not properly with some other cargo capacity multiplier mods.
If anyone would like a Cargo multiplier I recommend Capacity X scripts by LTDX. as these only effect capacity.
If you would like a small effect to this mods capacity use h4e Cargo Capacity X scripts.(adds a small amount to total capacity)
All cargo all vehicles mod converts it back to a single compartment Wagon.
Both Industry expanded and Senseless mods add their cargo on what i have checked.

Price and Running costs are defined by a Generous Transport Company.

Credits: Twiggy

Download Transport Fever 2 – Individual Multi Compartment Wagon Pack - Download Link #1


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