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Transport Fever 2 – Individual Multi Compartment Truck Pack

Individual multi compartment Truck Pack for Transport Fever 2.

Please note this is not a mod that everyone will like for preset capacity Reasons..(Which can be changed)
This format evens out Item capacities.

This means every compartment for each cargo item has it’s own capacity value.
Each items capacity is what the compartment value is set at,
/ 150=capacity for every item multiplied X how many compartments = (Total Capacity)
Each cargo item has a individual capacity of 150 (can be altered to suit)

Works well with some cargo capacity multiplier mods, not properly with some other cargo capacity multiplier mods.
If anyone would like a Cargo multiplier I recommend Capacity X scripts by LTDX. as these only effect capacity.
If you would like a small effect to this mods capacity use h4e Cargo Capacity x ( adds a small amount to total capacity)
All cargo all vehicles mod converts compartments back to a single compartment truck.
Seems to work with Industry mods but I had to take Cars and Mail out of types as it was making both those mods required to run this mod.
Mail and Waste gets added through Industry Expanded Mail and Waste mod.
Mail does not get added by the Stand alone Mail industry mod,only if it is added to cargo types .
Cars do not get added if you have that particular mod,only if it is added to cargo types .
Senseless mod adds it’s cargo on what i checked.

I have Changed 40tons Truck and Tanker ,Cascadia 2009,Peterbuilt 359 trailer skins for a bit of difference.
I have not added all products to every Truck.

This sort of capacity in a game like this that is Demanding on your PC can help with better performance, as the required number of vehicles is less for the same, or better? results.

If anyone would like to add Cars to the side stake truck ,I find this mdl change works ok but it shrinks the car a little.
capacity = 600,
cargoBay = {
bbMax = { .8, 1.0348, 2.68, },
bbMin = { -10.369, -1.0348, 1.0888, },
cargoFormat = “BIG”,
childId = 11,
gridSize = { 2, 1, },
sizePolicy = “STRETCH”,
type = “DISCRETE”,
type = “CARS”, —— just rename this to MAIL on one of your types to get mail from the stand alone Mail mod. Remember if you change it and it is activated games Without these Two mods will not load.
Best to have a saved file.
6 new Trucks added.All new Trucks have the same cargo configuration and settings as the original 4.
If you come across any problems please let me know.

“Happy Truckin”

Credits: Twiggy

Download Transport Fever 2 – Individual Multi Compartment Truck Pack - Download Link #1


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