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Transport Fever 2 – HZ 1061 Locomotives

HŽ 1061 Locomotives for Transport Fever 2.

– Croatian HŽ 1061 Locomotives
– Slovenian SŽ 362 locomotives
– Italian FS E636 Locomotives

The HŽ series 1061 is a 6-axle articulated electric locomotive series that was used by Croatian Railways (Croatian: hrvatske željeznice, HŽ). In Slovenia it is known as SŽ series 362. This locomotive, built by Ansaldo-Breda, is derived from Italian FS Class E636 and was originally donated by the Italian government. It was known as JŽ series 362.

Credits: DMA - Danny, DMA - RaptorArk

Download Transport Fever 2 – HZ 1061 Locomotives - Download Link #1


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