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Transport Fever 2 – Hokkaido Map

Hokkaido for Transport Fever 2.

Map size Huge 1: 1

I tried to reproduce realistic Hokkaido
There are 32 cities and 46 industries of various sizes
It covers the islands except the northern four islands and the whole area of Hokkaido
In the south, it crosses the Tsugaru Strait to Aomori Prefecture
It would be nice to build the Seikan Bridge, which is not the Seikan Tunnel

Some industries are located in places that were once really in Hokkaido
Most of them are fictitious industries because they are games.

The road connecting each city is sewn through the valley with reference to the actual road
I like the view of the driver’s cab on the road running through this valley

Credits: syuvaell

Download Transport Fever 2 – Hokkaido Map - Download Link #1


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