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Transport Fever 2 – Hawker 900XP

Hawker 900XP for Transport Fever 2.

Adds the business jet Hawker 900XP. A fast long and short distance business jet that can be used on small and large airports.

Build date: 1983
Capacity: 14 Passengers
Top Speed: around 350 Km/h
Emission: 85
Lifespan: 53 Years

I actually wanted to add a large jet airplane but since the gap of aircrafts between the small and large airports is very big in this game I created this airplane that can be used on both the small and bigger airports. So now you can use the smaller airports a bit longer.

– I have tried to balance the costs/profit of the aircraft as much as possible but since I think the aircrafts are kind of hard in Transport Fever 2 I have added some extra passenger capacity. Using mostly the same real life costs (lowest maintenance) of the aircraft. But this is a work in progress. Currently with full passengers this is a money maker.

– There are still some issues such as the wheels not really touching the ground, the gear etc.. but its very hard to get this perfect.

Development future updates:
– Lods will be added depending on popularity/downloads.
– Tweaks on the current issues. Wheels/Gear when there is more mod development information available.
– I will NOT be adding models for interior, flaps, ailerons etc, since i think some small moving/animation details are useless (to much time consuming for now to add) for now for an airplane, and i want to work on the next airplane.

Credits: dmc

Download Transport Fever 2 – Hawker 900XP - Download Link #1


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