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Transport Fever 2 – Hauptbahnhof Leipzig 1.02

Hauptbahnhof Leipzig 1.02 mod for Transport Fever 2.

The “Best German train station and the third best in Europe!”* (*according to a recent study).

We don’t wanna say it was a piece of cake, but it was a piece of cake.
There is a remodeling of this station going on; until it will be released, we have this one. Please see it as a version “what if the Leipzig City Tunnel didn’t exist” (for now)…
We tried to conceal the disadvantages and think it is managed well.. We luv it. Do you too?


The slightly elevated terminus train station (trackside is 2.8m above street level) “Dresdener Bahnhof” in Leipzig: better known as Leipzig Hauptbahnhof


  • Available from 1915
  • 24 tracks
  • four entrances
  • two model options (the new ef repaint and original beta model)
  • platforms renewed and added some vanilla interior
  • two track length options (24x 200m OR 18x 200m + 2x 320m + 4x 360m tracks)
  • this also changes era of the center platforms
  • added station name signs
  • introduction of platform numbers with realistic letters
  • street/ tramtracks options (only front side yet)
  • removed some lods and other minor changes
  • eastereggs… (eg. at the end of the tracks it is possible to place depots)


  • Track lengths
  • underpasses
  • passway fixing
  • more street options
  • maybe some track options

Required Mod:
Asset Expansion

Credits: [3.19]Icemaster, elektronikfreak

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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