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Transport Fever 2 – Hamburg Elbbrucken Station 1.0

Hamburg Elbbrucken Station 1.0 for Transport Fever 2.

Moin! Hola! Howdy!
This months our special gift for the community isUmsteigeknoten Hochbahn- und S-Bahn-Bahnhof* Elbbrücken

*(work in progress)
A complete station -more or less according to reality- with -more or less- stuff thats never been there. We decided to bring it out as is and ask for opinions before we go on (more or less)..^^


a cool designed side platforms single station for passengers BETA (*wip: later also as a hub “double” station with skywalk)

nice passenger walkways, original details and animated elevators

some adjustments like passing tracks (good use also as HSR station)

length from 200m to 440m (40m steps)

height 12m

available from 2018

as an extra: an adjustable passenger skywalk BETA you find under “signal box”


for third track options “3rd rail tracks north america” and “j-slab tracks” the mods also have to be activated to work properly

BETA version! *it is still under development

it is for free

Feliz Navidad!
Frohes Fest!
Happy Channuka!
Bombaclot Kwanzaa!
Eid Mubarak!
Merry X-Mas!

HF and enjoy.

Credits: [3.19]Icemaster, lmgordocano

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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