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Transport Fever 2 – h4e Lod Balancing

h4e Lod Balancing for Transport Fever 2.

The h4e Lod Balancing Package offers a sophisticated calculation basis to calculate the different quality levels of objects in the game more efficiently. This mod therefore reduces the overall visibility of all objects.

A detection is also built into the script in order to recognize whether an object provides information about height, depth, width and length. If this is the case, the total visual range is calculated based on the size.

When implementing this mod, care was always taken to ensure that the mod is compatible with as many mods as possible and that there is hardly any visible loss of quality.

In addition, the script influences the geometry graphics settings that Transport Fever 2 provides. So it is possible for you as a player to adjust the lod balancing according to your wishes. Simply try around with the graphics settings mentioned. Balancing is strongest at low, weakest at high.

The h4e Lod Balancing Package represents an effective increase in performance depending on the system.

The mod “h4e Packages API” must be placed in the loading order before all other mods that I have developed and is a prerequisite for the successful use of this mod.

Credits: homieforever, Angry_CJ

Download Transport Fever 2 – h4e Lod Balancing - Download Link #1


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