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Transport Fever 2 – H4E Enhaced Station

h4e Enhaced Station for Transport Fever 2.

The Mod h4e Enhaced Station represents an early access of the mod. The mod itself will be updated again and again over the coming weeks / months and will get even more functions.

Above all, the extended station tries to combine and provide so many functions of train stations in just one mod.

The Extended Station adds further options when building a station, the number of tracks can be freely adjusted from 1-32.

In addition, the track length can be freely adjusted in steps from 40 to 480 meters. (40,80,120 etc.)

You can also choose whether it is a freight or passenger station.

In addition, you can now choose whether it should be a terminal station.

In addition, the construction mode on modules can be changed, which has the effect that the number of tracks no longer works.
In module mode up to 16 different modules are defined instead, each module can differ in 3 types:

– Single track (1x track + 1x platform)
– Double track (2x track + 2x platform)
– Double track with two transit tracks. (2x track, 2x platform, 2x passing track in the middle)

The mod should, so it was developed so far, not lead to any crashes, but should a crash occur please let me get the error message and the stdout.txt.

In order to use the mod we need the h4e Packages API, this must be subscribed to and activated before all other mods that I have developed. The loading order is crucial here!

Required Mod:

Credits: homieforever

Download Transport Fever 2 – H4E Enhaced Station - Download Link #1


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