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Transport Fever 2 – GWR Toad Brake Van

GWR Toad Brake Van for Transport Fever 2.

GWR Toad Brake Van.
(No game function, for visual purposes.)
Available: 1904*-1966
Four versions; 2 GWR and 2 BR.

GWR versions / BR (ex GWR) versions
Available: 1904-1966 / 1948-1966
Top Speed: 75mph (120kph)
Capacity: N/A
Weight: 1t
Cost & Maintenance: 0

GWR Toad Brake Van. In this period British freight trains were required to have a brake van at the rear of the train for safety reasons. Since many waggons only had manual brakes, the brake van would aid the engine with braking on declines and also help prevent couplings breaking when the train started moving. The guard who travelled in the van was first aid trained in case of an accident. (Has no practical function in the game, so has no cost or weight.)

Includes placeable Asset versions.

Limitations: *Pre-1904 versions will be added at a later date.

Credits: JK

Download Transport Fever 2 – GWR Toad Brake Van - Download Link #1


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