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Transport Fever 2 – GWR Open Waggons

GWR Open Waggons for Transport Fever 2.

GWR Open Waggons and generic British Open Waggon.
Standard Waggons Carry: Coal, Iron, Stone, Grain.
4 GWR models and generic British model.

GWR 3-plank / GWR 5-plank (/Sheeted) / GWR 7-plank / British 5-plank
Available: 1850-1904 / 1904-1966 / 1910-1966 / 1850-1980
Top Speed: 40mph (65kph) / 60mph (96kph) / 75mph (120kph) / 60mph (96kph)
Capacity: 4 / 7 / 10 / 6
Weight: 5t / 7t / 10t / 6t
Lifespan: 35 years / 40 years / 40 years / 40 years
Cost & Maintenance: Set by game.

From the 1870s over 400 3-plank open waggons were built by the GWR. Initially with rounded ends, these were later cut down.
From the early 1900s the GWR built many 5-plank open waggons. Initial batches were fitted with a bar along the middle to support a tarpaulin sheet to cover the cargo.
From the early 1900s the GWR built many 7-plank open waggons. Most had a door flap and one end to allow tipping to empty mineral cargo loads. Many lasted into the 1950s and beyond.
A generic British style 5-plain open waggon.

Only the British Waggons supports custom colours. No aging or user logo.

Credits: JK

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