Transport Fever 2 – Gwr 2-6-0 4300

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Gwr 2-6-0 4300 for Transport Fever 2.

3 Versions. Available 1911-1966.

4300 / 4300 (1932) / 4300 (BR)
Available: 1911-1932 / 1932-1948 / 1948-1966
Top Speed: 60mph (96kph)
Power: 800kW
Tractive Effort: 114kN
Weight: 104t
Cost & Maintenance: Set by game.

The GWR 4300 class were 2-6-0 engines, known as Moguls (from the American name for the wheel arrangement). Designed for passengers and freight, they used the existing wheel base of the 3100 class tank engines and other standards parts. They proved to be a very successful mixed traffic design. 342 were built between 1911 and 1932, of which 2 have been preserved.

In 1932 Collett built a final batch of twenty 4300 class engines, these were notable for their larger cabs with side windows.

British Railways inherited 241 at nationalisation in 1948. Half had been withdrawn by 1960 and the last 6 were withdrawn in 1964.

Custom sound effects. Supports user colours (except BR). No aging or user logo. 20 on-build camera views. Includes placeable Asset versions.

Credits: JK

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