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Transport Fever 2 – GNR A1 4-2-2 Stirling

GNR A1 4-2-2 ‘Stirling 8ft’ for Transport Fever 2.

With a monstrous 8ft driving wheel, Patrick Stirling’s ‘singles’ were an elegant racehorse from the late 1800s. Being built in 1870 until 1895, these ‘Singles’ were the top-link locomotives of their time. Only to be outshone by the 4-4-2 ‘Atlantics’ in the 1890s. The last Single was withdrawn in 1912, but the prototype, Number 1, was selected for preservation.

For the sake of playability, the stats have been beefed a little from accurate numbers. With realistic stats in this game you were limited to about 6 wagons. Its more powerful than the G3 but weaker than the PLM, and costs a fair bit.

In reality these machines could reach 90mph, if you pushed it. I have limited this model to 75mph, allowing it to reach full chat with the 8 Wheeled Rigid-Body Teak coach included in my GNR Teak Coaches mod.

New textures
New metal gloss
Particle emitters update
Fixed animations

Credits: SteveM4

Download Transport Fever 2 – GNR A1 4-2-2 Stirling - Download Link #1


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