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Transport Fever 2 – FS E656 Locomotives

FS E656 Locomotives for Transport Fever 2.

– Italian FS E656 Locomotives and E636.284 “camilla” .

FS class E656 is the last evolution of the 6 axles articulated “family” of Italian locomotive. It was and it is still a very iconic locomotive in Italy. At the time of project realization, it was something like a bet cause traction technology was oriented on electronic systems (Choppers, with better power distribution) but FS chose to develop one last performant rheostatic vehicle. in 2020, let’s just say that the project was quite good, as it is still being used in the southern regions of the nation (even if they are going to be dismissed very soon).
This locomotive was meant to be used for heavy hauling trains (both freight and passengers). It was built in 5 series, from 1975 to 1990. They are very similar: each serie is just an upgrade of the previous one, with newer technological devices each time (and different headlight set for the last series).
From 2003, some of those locomotives have been transformed into E655 with the only difference being the top speed and “gear ratio” mutated in 23/66. Top speed is 120km/h but with better tractive effort (this version is not included in this set 😳 ).

The locomotive is nothing different from the rest of the rheostatic family of locomotives, being a direct evolution of the E646. The engines are, in fact, 82-400 FS and they are coupled 2 by 2 for each axle (so, the locomotive has 12 motors). Each transition and the entire process of rheostat exclusion is done automatically, just moving a lever. Rheostat can still be manually excluded operating on a different lever.
Auxiliar services are generated by moto-alternators in early series, while static ups are installed in the latest one.
Air is generated by two W212 compressors (each compressor is a 4 cilynder alternative comp.).

E656 units n. 001 , 023, 590 and 439 are being preserved for historical events

Mod Info
Power: 4800 kW
Weight: 120 t
Max. speed: 150 km/h
Available from: 1975 / 1988
Available until: no end year
Safe remove: No

E636.284 is identical locomotive to every E636 (HZ1061). This unique locomotive had an accident in a location near Turin.
Chassis had a slight deformation that didn’t allow to repair original cabs anymore. So, there was the experiment to weld E656 cabs (that were still in building process at that time) on the E636. Result was quite good.
The name “Camilla” was given due to someone written that name inside one of those new cabs, probably girlfriend’s name.

Mod Info
Power: 1950 kW
Weight: 102 t
Max. speed: 110 km/h
Available from: 1988
Available until: no end year
Safe remove: No

Credits: DMA – RaptorArk, DMA – Danny

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