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Transport Fever 2 – FS E633/632 & E652 Locomotives

FS E633/632 & E652 Locomotives mod for Transport Fever 2.

This group of locomotives was developed in the early 80s as the first response to the need for electronically operated vehicles.
The E633 / 632 (difference between the two locomotives is the transmission ratios: 130km / h maximum speed for the 633, 160km / h for the 632) is the result of the experiments being done on the E444 Full-Chopper locomotive, from which in fact some elements have been derived, such as the T850 traction motors. The running gear of this locomotive family is B ‘B’ B ‘, with only one engine per bogie. The articulated box structure is abandoned in favor of a single frame, with a central bogie free to move within certain limits.
Due to the encumbrance of the braking resistors installed on the roof, these locomotives were supplied with Faiveley BU41 CC single-sided pantographes. The locomotive had only one static unit for auxiliary services; the poor current captation of the faiveley pantograph and the presence of only one static group (cause of several reserve requests), prompted the engineers to develop subsequent series with appropriate improvements.
From 1985 conventional pantographs FS 52 were installed (thanks to the replacement of the original “TIBB” rheostats in place of the “Fusani”) and a further static conversion unit was placed in, an operation that made this group of locomotives much more reliable.
From 1989 the E652 was developed, essentially the final evolution of the E633 group; the engines were also further enhanced.
Currently, all E633 and E632 have been sent for scrapping; the E652 still provide regular service, for mercitalia rail (freight carrier of the fs group).

Power ratings from 4905 to 5650kw
Tractive effort from 231 to 293kN
Max speed from 130 to 160km/h
Year from 1979

Credits: RaptorArk

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