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Transport Fever 2 – FS E444 Locomotives

FS E444 Locomotives mod for Transport Fever 2.

E444 was the first locomotive built to go over the maximum speed limit of 140km/h (a limit that was pretty much forced due to slow locomotives).
It is, essentially, the final product of the experience that fs engineers achieved with locomotives such as E424, E636 and E646. It’s a Bo Bo locomotive (2 boogies – 2 axles), with a power of 4272kw and 201kN tractive effort. Pre-series locomotive were 3420kw and 175kN.
Like older fs vehicles, it is rheostatic locomotive with the rheostat subdivided in more section, for a better power erogation.
Engines were FS T550 in pre series, T750 in the normal locomotive.
This locomotive was also the “laboratory” for many tests during the years:

– The locomotive n. 005 was the first Electronic italian locomotive (in 1972). It was a “beta test” vehicle to check if choppers could work with those kind of engines and 3000V DC. The exemperiment was a success: the locomotive power increased by 25%, with a better tractive effort.
– Some units of the standard group were converted into E447: it was a very long tail cogs locomotive, able to go over 200km/h max speed. This experiment was not a big success, due to tractive effort problems
– 2 units of the group received an electronic rheostat management, using choppers in series with rheostat.
– starting from 1990, all the locomotives were refurbished with some electrical new equipment and a new front Cab.

This year (2020) is the last operative year for those locomotives. They’re already being demolished. Only 2 units (at the moment) will be saved. One of these will be brought back at the original aestethic conditions, the other one will receive 90’s livery.

Mod info:
Power: 4272 kW
Weight: 83 t
Max. speed: 200 km/h
Available from: 1965
Available until: no end year
Safe remove: No

Credits: RaptorArk, DMA - Danny

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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