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Transport Fever 2 – FS E424 Locomotives

FS E424 Locomotives for Transport Fever 2.

E424 is a Bo-Bo electric locomotive working in 3000 V DC electric system, built from 1940. The chassis of the locomotive is on 2 boogies (that means Bo-Bo). Each axle has a 92-250 engine that uses a transmission system composed by an empty shaft and coils struts to the wheels. The main transmission ratio setups were 16/65 and 19/65 for the earlier locomotives (100km/h top speed and 191/168 Kn tractive effort) that’s became only 19/65 in 1986, when many locomotives where transformed in “navetta” service: they were able to be driven by a remote car, for metro-like trains.
This locomotive was designed and used for lightweight trains, due to its low output power. It is substantially a compact version of the E636 class locomotive.

The locomotive is rheostatic, that means that the speed/power regulation is obtained by regulating a resistance (rheostat) in series with the engines. The engines themselves can be connected in “serie” configuration (all the 4 engines in series) and “parallelo” (engines coupled 2 by 2 in parallel). Another speed regulation is obtained, after the entire rheostat is excluded, by operating shunts on engine’s coil: it will work with a lower number of coil spires, resulting in an overboost of the engine.

The last locomotives of the group have been retired in 2008. They are all demolished, except some units that are preserved for historical events.

Special thanks to DomTrain for the locomotives sound set!

Mod Info
Power: 1550 kW
Weight: 72 t
Max. speed: 100 km/h / 120 km/h
Available from: 1940 / 1986
Available until: no end year
Safe remove: No

Credits: DMA – RaptorArk, DMA – Danny

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