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Transport Fever 2 – FS Aln 772 DMU

FS Aln 772 DMU mod for Transport Fever 2.

The Aln 772 are the result of the experience gained with the railcars of the fascist period (aln56 / 556).
The increase in the demand for passenger transport and the increase in tourist traffic at the end of the 1930s led the FS administration to design and build a new family of faster and more comfortable rolling stock, to complement the existing Littorine and replace them in the type Direttissimo and Rapido.
They were machines with large capacities and proved to be excellent for the demands of the period.
They had two Saurer diesel motors, housed above each carriage that transmitted motion to one of the axles through a viscous hydraulic gearbox. It will be this transmission system to decree the end of the useful service already before the 70s.
The Alnt 444 was obtained by modifying a single Aln 772 (damaged during the Second World War), providing it with sitting rooms and a panoramic area.

Credits: RaptorArk

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