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Transport Fever 2 – Freight Yard Framework

Freight Yard Framework for Transport Fever 2.

This is a mod to let you create freight yards by allowing the construction of tracks or the placement of assets on top of functional cargo platforms. The included platforms are paved areas in a variety of materials, with either hidden or ground level cargo spawns. The hidden spawn platforms have collision turned off for track, track asset, or ground asset placement, while the ground spawn platforms allow only non-colliding asset placement. This mod also allows for the addition of your own freight yard modules, just reference the included readme file for how to interact with the framework correctly.

Added an image to the list to clarify how to construct a freight yard. I’ll try to put together some more tutorial information later!

Tested Compatible Station Mods:
  • Enhanced Train Station Capacity – Recommended for freight functionality!
  • Sloped Train Station
  • Cargo Terminals Capacity Multiplier
  • NL Modular Station
Known Partial Compatibility
  • Station Size Change Mods (e.g. Atlit’s larger stations): This will not cause a crash and will work on base game modules, but these mods will not apply to the yard modules.
  • Extended Station Configuration Options: The added options will not apply to the yard station template, but base game templates will work.
Known Issues:
  • Drawing tracks over the no collision modules makes a large number of small track sections due to the edgelist configuration the stations use. I’m going to try to improve this, but I can’t promise anything can happen without too many other issues being caused.
  • Tracks drawn over modules cannot be deleted without first deleting the station. I may find a way around this with collision boxes, but no promises here. Assets can be deleted without problems though.

Credits: [190]Yocto

Download Transport Fever 2 – Freight Yard Framework - Download Link #1


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