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Transport Fever 2 – Flying Junction (Early Release)

Flying Junction (Early Release) mod for Transport Fever 2.

This mod helps you construct a compact european style flying junction.

The development of the mod started in 2020 May but I got little time to work on it due to busy job occupation, so it’s released as early version to avoid you being waiting to long.
It’s still not stable and contains only the core part, don’t be surprise if these’s little problem here and there and if it crashes under certain circumstances: just avoid the same parameter the next time.

It’s not a port of Flying Junction mod in Tpf1, all is reworked with benefit of techinique that I developped with the Ultimate Station and Ultimate Underground Station.

This mod also features the module sytsem provided by the game, you can mix different tracks also retaining wall configuration in a same structure. You can also replace modules in-place.

There are two basic configurations: road and railway, after build you can configurate the junction as you like: change road with tracks, change track modules or road modules in module editing mode.

Lot’s of things to be done:
1. The transition parts (the most complicated thing)
2. Sunk mode
4. Length reducer (as you see in compact tunnel entry)
5. Some details…

This mod requires “Shader Enhancement mod” for extending materials.

Required Mod:
Shader Enhancement

Credits: Enzojz

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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