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Transport Fever 2 – Florida & USA Map

Florida – USA for Transport Fever 2.

Hello Railfans!
Inspired by YouTube’s popular United States rail-fan Distant Signal, this map is an all-inclusive dive into the bustling rail network the Florida peninsula hosts. Florida contains plethora of agriculture rich land, limestone, and phosphate deposits in the famous “Bone Valley”. However, the state lacks numerous other resources which must all be imported from northern states. The state also hosts a number of inner city and cross state passenger rail service from local short rail services and Amtrak.

This transport fever map features key points, cities, geographical hurdles like numerous swamps, real-world resource and business locations/names, and real major roadway connections.

Challenges on this map include:

  • Moving valuable import and export resources vital to the cities of the Florida panhandle
  • Limited space and geographical challenges like swamps
  • Florida imports all fuels! Complete the Gulf of Mexico supply chain from the off shore drilling to the refineries in Mobil using ships.
  • Operating the region’s timber logistics of the United States’ second largest logging industry.
  • Northern Import Stations: Connect non-native raw materials like Iron Ore, Coal, and Tools to the region via major roadways or rail-hubs like Valdosta and Waycross Georgia from the north
  • Provide vital rail and traffic management tactics in cities like Miami and Tampa

Credits: Captainhawes

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