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Transport Fever 2 – Fences

Fences for Transport Fever 2.

There they are again! Only this time it’s completely different. There are no more grey markings and no guesswork about what the fence will look like at the end.


  • Planning with preview
  • Snapping at tracks with distance
  • Lots of fences, walls, hedges
  • The fences adapt to the terrain
  • Combination of several fence types


  • Select one of the fences from the ‘Fences’ category of the Assets. A fence post or hedge will now appear at the mouse cursor.
  • After the first fence post is placed, a preview of the fence will automatically appear between the fence post and the mouse pointer.
    If you click again, the two fence posts will be connected and the last fence post placed will be your starting point.
  • You can set the fence type, orientation and collision behaviour for each segment separately. To change the fence type, simply select a different fence from the ‘Fences’ category.
  • If you think your fence is finished, click on the ‘Done’ parameter or just press ‘Escape’ (my favourite).

What is this distance parameter?

All fences are now track assets. To prevent the fence from being built exactly on the track, you can adjust the distance to the track with a slider in the parameters.

Dear Snowball, can you please add fence X?

If the model from UG, then yes. But I have relatively little time, so no stress, please.
If the model from You, then the same. I like to build it in.
If the model is from another modder, he can even build it in himself. The mod is designed in a way that this is easily possible.

Credits: cpu | skully, OI MATE SWISS

Download Transport Fever 2 – Fences - Download Link #1


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