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Transport Fever 2 – Extended Trackage

Extended Trackage for Transport Fever 2.

Version 1.1:

This mod replaces stock tracks with 9 era appropiate track types with three types per era. With their own speed limits and costs.


– Added nine track types – for three eras ( 1850-1900, 1900 to 1950 and 1950 until forever ). Each era introduces a base cost siding track, a mainline track and about the middle of the era, a high speed track is going to be introduced. Each with specific characteristics/

– Trackage now has more permissive curve speed limits. Fastest 300km/h trackage allows for the maximum on a curve of 650 meters. Base game has this limit at 2000m.

– Each track provides an extensive tooltip, helping you to decide which track you need. Or can afford.

– Depending on selected vehicle set, it will adopt to metric or imperial unit system.

Future plans:
– Make tracks more visually distinct, this was easy in the previous game, in TpF2, not so much
– Balancing, if necessary
– Support for modular stations.

Once activated, this mod might spoil your game.

– Fixed the mod reacting to climate setting. Now when european or asian
vehicle sets are included, then measurements are going to be in SI system
and if set to US, imperial will be used. If mix is used, then more preferable
unit is going to be utilized
– Added support for Shinkansen. If it is active, then HSR track is available since 1960

Credits: uzurpatorex

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