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Transport Fever 2 – Extended Station Configuration Options

Extended Station Configuration Options for Transport Fever 2.

Have you ever wanted to build a big station building with fewer than 7 tracks? I did, so I made this mod.

The option to select a station building style is only available for passenger stations (freight buildings have the same style throughout) and only visible after 1920 (before this, only the 1850 style is available). The 1980 style option becomes available in… you guessed it, 1980.

Incorporates my other mod “Station Building Asymmetry Fix.”

As of 2020-01-03, this mod incorporates a rearranged station configuration menu which should reduce the number of clicks required to edit stations. To filter to modules from a specific era, type the start year (1850/1920/1980) into the “Search for modules…” box; modules which appear in multiple eras (tracks and entry stairs) have had their descriptions updated so that they will appear in the search results for all 3 years. The number of modules per tab gets pretty high by 1980, but filtering as described above will usually leave only 7-8 modules.

Update 2020-01-03: Rearranged station configuration menu
-> Divided “Platforms” into “Passenger Platforms” and “Cargo Platforms”
-> Removed “Misc” tab; entrance steps now appear in both the “Cargo Buildings” and “Passenger Buildings” tabs, while underpasses and roofs appear in the “Passenger Platforms” tab
-> Removed “Tracks” tab; tracks now appear in both the “Passenger Platforms” and “Cargo Platforms” tabs
-> Re-ordered modules so that newer modules appear first, side buildings and main buildings are grouped, and electrified tracks and unelectrified tracks are grouped
Update 2019-12-20: Added “None” station building option

Credits: nary_believe

Download Transport Fever 2 – Extended Station Configuration Options - Download Link #1


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