Transport Fever 2 – Extended Particles

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Version 1.1:

This mod modifies fine-tunes the game particle effects to be more immersive.

For all locomotives emissions are roughly based on their powe rating. The more power, the more emissions.

For steam locomotives:
– main stack fume is now more animated and whiter.
– cylinder leakage has been greatly reduced.

For diesel locomotives:
– Early locomotives have fumes thicker and blacker
– Later locomotives have fumes more blue-tinted, which reflects better fuels and efficiency
– Amount of fumes depends on design year of the locomotive.

For industries:
– In new games Oil Refinery will now emit fire from its towers, instead of black smoke

– This mod will modify all vehicles, both in-built in the game and modded.
– If you enable it in an existing game then fullest effect will be visible in newly built vehicles. If you want to reset already existing vehicles to the mod’s defaults then either modify the train using the ‘manage vehicles’ window or send a train to depot.
– If you disable this mod in an existing game, then you will see some visual glitches. To reset them use the method above – that is add/remove a wagon or send to depot.

Version 1.1:
– Fixed crash when a vehicle had a particle system, but no emitters
– Some tweaks for all locomotive fume shaders
– Added a fire effect for Oil Refinery

Credits: uzurpatorex

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