StreetTransport Fever 2

Transport Fever 2 – Extended NL Overpass (Addon)

Extended NL Overpass (Addon) for Transport Fever 2.

This is not standalone mod. this is addon for NL Modular Station by oppiescc .
original “NL Modular Station” is required for working.

this mod does not replace any objects from original mod and does not change anything in original mod. it just adds new objects.

what is new:
ground stairs
high ground entrance to overpass by bridge
high ground entrance to overpass by stairs

separate from stations assets

you can connect station with streets directly by overpass.
you can build standalone overpass over the freeway without perrons.
look at preview.

invisible platform, ground stairs, supports and high entrances are still a platforms and works as passenger platforms. this is need for automatic connection of overpass. just dont build it close to railroad track modules.

Required Mod:

Credits: AV

Download Transport Fever 2 – Extended NL Overpass (Addon) - Download Link #1


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