Transport Fever 2 – Expanded Cargo Demands (6 Per City)

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Expanded Cargo Demands (6 Per City) for Transport Fever 2.

This mod adds additional city demands when generating maps for all base products.City based Industries can accept:

Construction Materials, Fuel or Machines
1 random product per building is in demand.Commercial can accept:

Tools, Food or Goods.
1 random product per building is in demand.

Known issue:

Currently, The zoomed out overview (City name/icons) does not show the additional demands, but clicking the city does and they are accepted (See screenshot). It doesn’t really matter though, because you already know they will accept any of the available products  I believe this may be hard-coded into the engineDynamic Version based on time and growth

The dynamic version changes demands based on the date (approx) and also building levels, so city expansion is key to accepting more demand, although late game this is relaxed. 1850 = max 2, 1920 = max 4, 1990 = max 6

This mod is save-game safe and can added/removed at any time.
If removed, just bear in mind that additional demands will remain in your cities until the buildings change/upgrade or are replaced. If added to an existing game, cities will need to develop to begin demanding new items.

Credits: FxUK

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