StreetTransport Fever 2

Transport Fever 2 – Elevator for Road Bridges and Tunnels

Elevator for Road Bridges and Tunnels for Transport Fever 2.

With this mod, your stations placed on bridges or tunnels can be reached from ground road networks, and you can build your elevated or underground bus/tram rapid transit system.

This is a rough workaround for implementing Xiamen BRT in this game.

The construction itself doesn’t include bus stops, you have to extend the roads and then place bus stops on your own.

Due to the limitation of my poor skill, only supports 3 kinds of vanilla road, cement bridge and vanilla street tunnel.

In case of reconfiguring road size, it’s recommended to remove bridge or tunnel segments connected to the construction first.

On the basis of the one-China principle, anyone can expand and modify this mod.

-Remove railings on bridges so the elevator doesn’t look so magic
+Vertical offset 12 added, please only use this height for bridges

Credits: Axel

Download Transport Fever 2 – Elevator for Road Bridges and Tunnels - Download Link #1


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