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Transport Fever 2 – Dutch Catenary Set

Dutch Catenary Set for Transport Fever 2.

Dutch catenary set, based of Putje and jo_vink’s 3D models. This set adds 4 extra types of tracks to the game. Based on the most common types of catenary poles in the Netherlands.

Update 15-01-2020 (v1.1)
– Fixed available from 1910
– Speed adjusted to the dutch standard 140 km/h & 320 km/h

* Single poles 140 km/h (year 1910)
* Single poles high-speed 320 km/h (year 1925)
* Double overhead poles 140 km/h (year 1910)
* Double overhead poles high-speed 320 km/h (year 1925)

IMPORTANT: it shows as additional track and the game likes to uniform the catenary. So if you use it on the same lane, you have to make an exchange in between.

Credits: LexyGone

Download Transport Fever 2 – Dutch Catenary Set - Download Link #1


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