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Transport Fever 2 – Distance Meter

Distance Meter for Transport Fever 2.


As soon as you have built something, the distance to your last work is shown in the status bar. It works as far as I know for everything:

  • Assets
  • Stations
  • Depots
  • Bus stops
  • Tracks
  • Signals
  • Streets
  • Waypoints
  • Stops


  • For roads and tracks, the node closest to the mouse position at the time of construction is used. Unfortunately I can’t do it any better, because building crossings etc. creates an inscrutable amount of new nodes and I don’t know which was the last one.
  • For signals, waypoints and stops the cursor position is simply used. You don’t get any clues in the script where exactly the thing was placed.


  • Keep these restrictions in mind
  • Hold the mouse still for a short time until the street etc. is really visible. You will get a feeling for it very quickly.

Credits: cpu | skully

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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