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Transport Fever 2 – DB IC2 Double-Deck Coaches

DB IC2 Double-Deck Coaches mod for Transport Fever 2.

This modification adds the IC2 double-deck rail cars from the Deutsche Bahn AG to the game.
The rail cars are part of the product line ‘Twindexx’ by Bombardier. They are used since late 2015 in german intercity travel.

This mod includes:

  • 2. class double-deck control car (DBpbzfa 668.2)
  • 2. class double-deck control car – turned
  • 2. class double-deck rail car (DBpza682.2)
  • 1. class double-deck rail car (DApza687.2)
  • For the IC2 train service, the rail cars are placed in a specific order:
  • locomotive – 1. class – 2. class – 2.class – 2.class – control car
  • There are premade units (without locomotive) in the multiple unit tab (not electric nor diesel)
  • 1. Version: locomotive at the front
  • 2. Version: control car at the front

Technical Details:

  • Vmax: 160 km/h
  • Capacity: 15, 29, 18
  • Availability: From 2015


  • Destination display shows the in game line name
  • Complete push-pull control system incl. light variation
  • dirt/rust
  • DDS textures
  • LODs
  • camera perspectives in each coach

Required Mod:
DB Doppelstockwagen

Credits: Micha77

Download Transport Fever 2 – DB IC2 Double-Deck Coaches -

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