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Transport Fever 2 – Dam Entrance Modules NL Modern Beta 1.12

Dam Entrance Modules NL Modern Beta 1.12 for Transport Fever 2.

Now I’m gone crazy.
Another underpass and station entrance I’m working on.

Dam Entrance Module(s) (“NL Modern”)

This one is really smart. You can see through and see the people strolling around, what was hidden by the ground formerly.
Except the roof design and the much unused space I like it. I’m still working on it. Just want to ask for your opinions… so, what do you like, what not?

This experimental mod adds entrance modules (-7.8m under platfrom level) to underpass connections for stations. It uses the NL Modern Station Roof models, the TFUR pillar models and standard Vanilla models I combined piece by piece.
Best use for middle platforms, so use it next to a track where it leads under this track to the underground connection of the platform(s)… easy.
You can put them in a row or single (I’ve tried to get it done that both look good) and it is also usable as a pedestrain underpass without platforms or as side entrance with bigger entrances.


NL Modern dam entrance modules at height -7.8m – depths 7.5m (for 2 tracks) and 12.5m (for 3 tracks) each R&L sides. Available from 1980.
You’ll find them under passenger building when configuring a modular station.

NL Modern stairs with underpass and interior. Available from 1980.
You’ll find it under misc when configuring a modular station.


some of the stairs reach a bit into the underpass (NL fits better)

people walk through the air and walls to the platform (stairs or escalators are planned)

the pillars have a really deep “foundation” and could cross tunnels underneath

single side entrances end at a wall or in nothing…

It works with every modular station with underpasses (except with “motras”). The station should has steps to an underpass connection and should be at least 8m above sea level …

And make sure you use the correct side module or the game could crash!
The right side modules (R) are for first track where platform 1 is… the left (L) for the last track.
Usage optimized only for 15m, 20m, 25m and partially also 30m station width (3-6 modules-width) or else the entrance will end at a wall.. but it is planned to improvise that.
So for a 3 modules station width (track,platform,track) use the entrances 1 R & 1 L,
..for 4 modules use 1 R & 2 L or 2 R & 1 L
..for 5 modules use 2 R & 2 L
..and for 6+ modules use the NL Modern stairs for dam underpasses underpasses (under misc – next to the original NL stairs – works only with NL platform yet).

Use at your own risk. All rights reserved.

Required Mods:

Credits: [3.19]Icemaster

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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