Transport Fever 2 – Cross Continental America

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Cross Continental America for Transport Fever 2.

Megalomaniac Size 1:2 – Experimental Map Sizes Required!

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This vast landscape between the Atlantic and the Pacific ocean coasts fits within the largest Megalomaniac map size. It also features Canadian provinces from the Maritimes in the North-East corner of the map to Vancouver Island in the North-West corner. The Baja California peninsula and the Gulf of California in Mexico are in the South-West corner. Florida’s peninsula is in the South-East corner of the map.

I devoted hours into painting foliage and landscape by hand the various natural geographic areas so different sections parts of the map feel unique. Barren deserts in the south-west, snow peaked Rocky Mountains transforming into the great prairie plains cover a chunk of the centre, and dense Boreal Forest in the north.

This map feels like an RTS-game scale, and will result in relatively short lines between towns or industries. There certainly is a unique gameplay feel as a result.

Don’t know where to start? Experimental Map Sizes Required!

Play a Free Game and plop your hometown on the map! Or, if you’d like to progress a historic Free Game starting in 1850, included below is a reference for where to begin and how to expand your endeavour to build a Trans-Continental Railroad, followed by decades of revolutionary transportation growth of the Interstate system and Airlines. The Great Lakes are navigable by ships, through the St Lawrence seaway and into the Atlantic. Industries are placed to serve regionally, however some city areas will require a distant link to fulfill demand for goods.

1850 – 1860

Construct routes that span the North-Eastern Atlantic seaboard States and Provinces.
Build the Great Western Railway route through South-Western Ontario from Buffalo to Detroit. Then connect Montreal to Toronto and on to Detroit.

1860 – 1865

The Civil War is raging and military railroads stretch across the battle-worn states.

1865 – 1885

Pacific Railroad is the first Transcontinental railway on the Continent. Construct railroad lines to the Pacific.

1900 – 1960

Build Interstate roads and highways for truck transport to disrupt rail transport. Build strategic airports in metropolitan areas of the map to import/export cargo and passengers.

1960 – 2020

Build the networks of your dreams!

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Credits: Spearin

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