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Transport Fever 2 – Connums German Traffic Assets

Connum’s German Traffic Assets for Transport Fever 2.

## Description

A collection of German traffic signs (usable as waypoints or collision-free assets) and (in the future) other traffic-related assets.

You can use the in-game asset search to search via sign number or description. Supplementary road signs are not available as signals, but as assets only, and have no pole.

## Todo
* Create rest of the signs
* Create supplementary signs
* Implement configurable multi-sign post
* fine tune the dimensions of the different sign shapes
* When using signs that are specifically for positioning on the left as waypoints, offset them accordingly (if possible at all due to different road widths, otherwise just rotate them 180 degrees)
* Different variants for the signs with varying numerical values (distance/height/weight)
* Different size variants
* Add other assets like speed cameras, roadworks assets, traffic islands…
* Add more retro signs from different periods
* Translations (Asset names and descriptions currently German only)

## Changelog

### v1.11.0
* added supplementary road signs 1002-*

### v1.10.0
* hotfix release: fix standalone signs showing up as street assets, fix sign post parameter for retro signs

### v1.9.0
* Added several rectangular 2:3 aspect ratio signs (315-*, 317)
* Added parameter to switch off sign posts in order to allow placing multiple signs on one post

### v1.8.0
* assets: added speed camera tower with 2 to 4 modules
* assets: added two bollards
* Added retro signs (Bild 6, Bild 13, Bild 30a) with appropriate availability of old and current sign

### v1.7.0
* added framed double-sided zone signs

### v1.6.0
* added all square blue signs

### v1.5.0
* added one-way road signs (220-10 and 220-20)

### v1.4.0
* added exit arrow signs (blue/yellow/white; 333/333.1/333.1-20)

### v1.3.0
* fixed missing preview images for new speed signs used as signals

### v1.2.0
* added new asset category “Misc. German assets”
* added first asset: Verteilerkasten (doppeltürig)

### v1.1.0
* fixed description string of sign 105-20
* added full range of speed signs: 274-5 to 274-40 and 274-80 to 274-130, 278-5 to 278-40 and 278-80 to 278-130
* for signs 274-* and 278-* (speed signs / end of speed limit signs), there is now only one asset with a configurable value

### v1.0.0
* Includes all triangular, round, octagonal and diamond shaped signs from 101 to 151 (§40 Absatz 6 und 7 StVO), 205 to 286-31 (§ 41 Absatz 1 StVO), and 301 to 307, 390 to 392 (§42 Absatz 2 StVO)

Credits: Ⓒⓞⓝⓝⓤⓜ

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