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Transport Fever 2 – Compact Tunnel Entry

Compact Tunnel Entry for Transport Fever 2.

With this mod you get ability to build very compact tunnel entries, both for tracks and streets. You can use it to build kinds of junctions. The modular design enbales ability to build different layouts.

The entries can be found under:
1. Road -> Street -> Street Construction
2. Rail -> Building -> Track Construction

* This mod requires the shader enhancement mod.

Known bug:
– The street causes a lot of colission, sometimes not usable at all
– The hole dig on the ground get a zigzags, which needed to fix with support from UG (still unknow if it can be fixed or not)

– Added detacher to detach track/street from the construction for further editing.
– Fixed crash with track/street upgrading tools.

Required Mod:

Credits: Enzojz

Download Transport Fever 2 – Compact Tunnel Entry - Download Link #1


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