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Transport Fever 2 – CommonAPI2 – 20200125

CommonAPI2 – 20200125 for Transport Fever 2.

CommonAPI2 provides functions for mod interoperability. Functions for track, road, bridge searching and ui handling.
Debug features, like tracing file access and direct access to TPFs lua runtime.

  • Mod list export and import
  • Change mod settings.lua ingame
  • CrashDebug for windows (see last 10 files opened when TPF2 crashes)
  • UI Parameter functions
  • Track module support code
  • Mod dependency managment
  • Menu access to important game paths
  • Fixes broken UG scripts:
    • Fix laneutil.makeLanes / laneutil.createLanes crashes
    • Fix filtering of railroadCrossings, so mod railroad crossings will be loaded

If something doesn’t work: Close Transport Fever 2 (see taskmanager to be sure).
Then in Steam simply desubscribe the mod.

This mod does directly modifiy and enhance the ingame memory.
Therefore CommonAPI2 may not find all memory locations (fragments), specially after new builds.
There may be additional software on your computer changing memory (like screenscapture software)
This may or may not result in degraded functionality and/or crashes.

Credits: eis_os

Download Transport Fever 2 – CommonAPI2 – 20200125 - Download Link #1


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