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Transport Fever 2 – Cargo Terminals Capacity Multiplier

Cargo terminals capacity multiplier for Transport Fever 2.

  • capacity (per platform) for waiting cargo at stations/stops will be multiplied by configurable coefficient
  • each transport mode has own multiplying coefficient
  • configurable by CommonApi2 GUI
  • alternative configuration by changing values in then file settings.lua in the mod directory (steam/steamapps/workshop/content/1066780/1967619462)
For all modes of transport:
  • Train station
  • Truck station
  • Cargo harbor
  • Airport
Default values:
Mode of transport
Train station
1x (=original settings)
Truck station

Capacity of train station not changed by default, because there is a mod for more “realistic” variant: Enhanced train station cargo capacity

Bonus feature

Truck will load/unload at the end of the truck station, not in the middle (configurable)

Using mod

When you change settings using CommonApi2 (or by editing settings.lua), it takes effect only after reloading the game.

Changes will not affect already built station – you will need to manually modify them or you can upgrade then at once by ‘Bulk upgrader for stations/industries’ mod.
Same apply for adding mod to the existing game


Settings are global for all saved games, you can’t have different multipliers for distinct saves.

Credits: xmnovotny

Download Transport Fever 2 – Cargo Terminals Capacity Multiplier - Download Link #1


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  1. That’s good. but without “Bulk upgrader for stations/industries” it’s not working. Please post “Bulk upgrader for stations/industries” mod on your site, because I can’t download on steam.

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