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Transport Fever 2 – British Rail PCA Vee Cement Wagon

British Rail PCA Vee Cement Wagon mod for Transport Fever 2.

Hello everyone,

I’d like to proudly present to you my next wagon for TPF2 here is the British Rail PCA Vee wagon.
It was first built in 1980 and has helped BR transport cement up and down their network.

Big thanks to CW315 for his help in getting this ported to the game tonight, I’d also
like to wish everyone a happy new year

Stay tuned for more wagons soon to follow…

*Update 05/01/21*

Funclive has added a few more textures to the wagons which include
-Blue Circle
-Mineral industries limited

Credits: Freelancer, cw_315, Funclive

Download Link #1

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