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Transport Fever 2 – British Rail Mk 3 Coaches

British Rail Mk 3 Coaches for Transport Fever 2.

Originally conceived as locomotive-hauled coaching stock, the first coaches built were for the prototype HST in 1972. Production coaches entered service between 1975 and 1988, and multiple-unit designs based on the Mark 3 bodyshell continued to be built until the early 1990s. Most of the surviving fleet of the Mark 3 and its derivatives are still in revenue service on the British railway network in 2019.


Variants include standard class (TSO), buffet (RFB) and sleeper (SLEP).

Available from 1975

Top speed: 125 MPH
Capacity: 22 (including sleeper and buffet cars)


All with in-game ageing

– British Rail Blue
– Intercity
– Virgin Trains
– First Great Western – Green & Gold Stripe

Credits: Yung Lenin

Download Transport Fever 2 – British Rail Mk 3 Coaches - Download Link #1


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