Transport Fever 2 – British Rail Mk 2 Coaches

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British Rail Mk 2 Coaches for Transport Fever 2.

From Great Britain, Unlocks in 1964

The British Rail Mark 2 family of railway carriages were British Rail’s second standard design. 1,876 of them were built and were an all steel, semi-integral construction which made them stronger than the Mark 1s in the event of an accident. The design also addressed several maintanence issues which became apparent with it’s predecessor.
These coaches became the mainstay of Britain’s InterCity express networks.

Today, mark 2 coaches are still in use on services across the UK rail network, with many more on preserved railways.

Please Note:

The new DBSO, “Driving Brake Standard Open”, is an unpowered driving trailer and requires a locomotive on the other end of the train for push/pull operation.
The Mark 2 coaches will flip as normal, unless there’s a reversible locomotive at the front and a DBSO at the back. All my British Rail locos have been set up to reverse. The Class 86s and Class 47s are recommended for this.

– 8 Liveries:
BR Blue/grey (from 1964), Intercity Swallow (from 1987) and Virgin trains (from 1997), by killakanz
Arriva, DRS, Northern Belle, Network Rail and Scotrail liveries by cw_315.

– DBSO (Driving Brake Standard Open), Only 2 liveries at the moment, more liveries plus improved interior to follow later.
– Dirt and rust.
– GUI icons.
– Custom audio.
– Depot menu grouping.
– Price and running costs set by the game’s financial balancing system.

Top Speed: 201.0kph (125mph)
Capacity: 26
Livespan: 40 years

No recolor maps yet. Considering adding a “blank” livery for recoloring.

Credits: killakanz, cw_315

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