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Transport Fever 2 – British Rail Class 86

British Rail Class 86 for Transport Fever 2.

The British Rail Class 86 is a class of electric mixed traffic locomotives built in the 1960s to replace steam power on the newly electrified West Coast Main Line.

100 of them were built, making them the most numerous type of electric locomotives built for Britain’s railways. When British Rail was privatized in the mid 1990s, the whole fleet of Class 86 locomotives were passed on to several operators. They have been gradually withdrawn by most operators since 2003, being replaced by more modern locomotives such as the Class 66 or Class 90. However Freightliner continues to operate 19 of them today, with several more in “warm storage” that could be returned to service if needed.

Some of the withdrawn examples were sold overseas; 7 went to Bulgaria and 24 to Hungary.
3 have entered preservation.

– 4 Liveries: BR Blue (from 1965), Intercity Swallow (from 1987), Freightliner Green (from 1995) and Virgin Trains red (from 1997)
– Recolorable
– Dirt and rust.
– Lights
– Custom sound effects.
– GUI icons.
– Reversible.
– Price and running costs set by the game’s financial balancing system.

(1965 BR Blue)
Top Speed: 177.0
Weight: 82.0
Power: 2685.0
Tractive effort: 267.0

(1995 Freightliner)
Top Speed: 120.7
Weight: 82.0
Power: 3728.0
Tractive effort: 267.0
(game’s default units)

Credits: killakanz

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