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Transport Fever 2 – British Rail Class 58

British Rail Class 58 for Transport Fever 2.

Unlocks in 1983

This Co-Co diesel locomotive was designed for heavy freight, it’s design followed the American practice of modularisation.
Nicknamed the ‘Bone’ by enthusiasts, 50 of them were built for British Rail. After British Rail’s Railfreight Distribution was privatised, all of the Class 58s were passed on to EWS in 1996.
After just a couple of years, EWS began to withdraw the 58s from service and put them into storage, taking preference to newer locos like the Class 66. The last 58 was withdrawn by EWS in 2002.
Some of the class went for lease overseas, with many going to France and Spain.

As at the end of 2018, 3 remain stored in the UK, with 5 more in preservation. France still operates 3, with 20 stored. Spain still operates 8, with 4 in storage.
7 of the class have been scrapped.

Additional Liveries by Deadly^uk:

– BR Coal Sector livery
– Mainline livery
– EWS livery

Power: 2460
Tractive Effort: 267
Weight: 127
Top Speed: 128
(game’s default units)

-4 liveries
-Custom sounds
-Interior with driver
-Realistic windows
-Particle effects
-Reversible locomotive
-Costs and Price match Transport Fever’s finance balancing
-UI icons
-Depot menu grouping

Credits: killakanz, Deadly^uk

Download Transport Fever 2 – British Rail Class 58 - Download Link #1


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