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Transport Fever 2 – British Rail Class 321

British Rail Class 321 for Transport Fever 2.

The British Rail Class 321 alternating current (AC) electric multiple units (EMU) were built by British Rail Engineering Limited’s York Works in three batches between 1988 and 1991. The design was successful and led to the development of the similar Class 320 and Class 322.

Available from 1991

Top speed: 100 MPH
Capacity: 80


– DTCO, TSO and MSO cars
– Colour, dirt and rust mappings
– Fully animated doors and lights, with passengers
– Interior and exterior dynamic destination boards
– Custom sounds


– Network South East
– London Midland
– First Capital Connect (coming soon)
– NXEA (coming soon)

Credits: Yung Lenin

Download Transport Fever 2 – British Rail Class 321 - Download Link #1


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