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Transport Fever 2 – Boeing 717 & MD80 Pack

Boeing 717 & MD80 Pack for Transport Fever 2.

A Boeing 717 & MD80 Pack featuring multiple versions liveries.

CODED!! – Fully animated passenger doors and interiors.
CODED!! – Fully animated slats and flaps.
CODED!! – Fully Animated Catering service trucks when the aircraft is at gate and doors are open.
CODED!! – Realistically modelled landing gear and landing gear animations.
Two sub-versions, the 717-200ER and the MD80.
Eight liveries, including real world airlines, fake airlines and a generic re-colourable livery for both types.
Detailed and accurate model by MJ1989C.
Fully modelled flaps, ruder and control services.
New highly detailed textures (including pitot tubes, static ports, cargo doors etc).

Credits: MJ1989C

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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