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Transport Fever 2 – Better Roads

A compilation of all my road mods plus additional features. Makes a variety of changes to improve the visual appearance of roads, as well as allowing old roads to be placed into future years. Note that with this one mod you no longer need my ‘roads:no end year’, ‘alternate road textures’ or ‘small pavement/shoulder removal’ mods, they are all rolled into this one.

– All roads now have no end date for construction.

– Old country roads have been completely retextured. Small old country roads remain dirt, with a rougher texture and some grass growing between vehicle tracks. Medium and large old country roads are no longer dirt, instead being made of Macadam, a common road making technique before the invention of the motor car, comprising of various grades of crushed, compacted stone.

– Old town roads have also been retextured. Small roads are paved with rough cobbles, whilst medium and large ones are now paved with smoother stone setts. They also now have red brick pavements.

– Modern town roads now have a paving slab pavement instead of smooth concrete. Small modern town roads now have proper raised pavements to match the medium and large ones, instead of being flat.

– Modern large country roads and highways no longer have a concrete shoulder, to better match small and medium ones.

– Modern one way one lane highway ramps are now slightly wider and have white edge lining to better suit their purpose.

– All modern road junctions, with the exception of small roads, now have white edge lining marking the edge of the road.

– New tarmac texture for all modern roads.

Credits: Sparky66

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