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Transport Fever 2 – Berliner Busse (eCitaro)

Berliner Busse (eCitaro) mod for Transport Fever 2.

BVG Berlin ordered 15 new eCitaro for its fleet in 2018. 1816-1830. Before these were delivered, there was a test car from Mercedes in the BVG equipment and in the typical yellow. This car drives around with the registration number B-MB 1386E. In 1816, the first production car was then sent out and allowed to explore routes 142 and 259. Over time, more and more came with the most diverse slogans and at the same time more and more lines were switched to e-buses. However, so far it has only remained with these 15 pieces. In this repaint pack I have implemented the individual advertising slogans on the buses for you, as well as an advertising-free BVGer and also the test bus, which can be used anywhere.

Special thanks go to the user Eisfeuer, who has also rewritten the ad for this bus so that you can now also relax and describe more than 6 characters. Please note that your line name is displayed and everything counts as the line itself until you have entered a space after the number. An example: “390 S Ahrensfelde”. Here the 390 is now displayed as a line and the S Ahrensfelde is a separate destination and can be of different sizes, depending on what is described.

Credits: Ibis Citea

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