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Transport Fever 2 – BAe 146/Avro RJ85 Dependencies

BAe 146/Avro RJ85 Dependencies mod for Transport Fever 2.

This is a detail update of the vanilla BAe 146-200. Instead of providing these extra files for each livery I do, I’ve created this base package for hard drive efficiency. At the moment this is what is currently modified from the original:

– Normal Map Rivet Changes: I removed large “unaerodynamic-looking” generic rivets with smaller screws/rivets using photos of the real thing. This change is largely seen on the engine pylons and cowlings and the center wing root.
– Normal Map Additions: I added pitot/static/AOA probes to the nose of the aircraft. Some access panels were added for more detail.

Just simply activate this mod in whatever game you’re playing with my additional BAe 146 liveries. The loading order should not matter as long as the mod is activated.

If you wish to utilize this base package in order to create your own BAe 146 content, feel free! I will happily provide the PSD file I’m using.

This is required to be subscribed and activated with any game in which you’re using my BAe 146 liveries.

Credits: 24Whiskey

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